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AI Business Landscape Infographics

The research and capitalization on AI is happening around the planet. Yes, the US have the biggest share with close to 500 companies working on the progression of AI. However, since the UK, Russia, Canada, Nigeria, Oman and several other countries are home to AI... read more

Timetable for the 2nd Annual AI Awards

We are pleased to announce the time table for the key events as part of the 2nd Annual AI Awards. The Awards Timetable is: 1st July – Awards Categories Listed 1st September – Open for Nomination Voting 15th January – Voting Closes 1st February – Award Winners... read more

How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Education

In the beginning of 2016 Jill Watson, an IBM-designed bot, has been helping graduate students at Georgia Institute of Technology solve problems with their design projects. Responding to questions over email and posted on forums, Jill had a casual, colloquial tone, and... read more

Our First Year Anniversary of

We are pleased to announce the official first year anniversary of Since inception, it has been an amazing experience building up the website to what it is today. Initially the focus was to build a directory of information resources about... read more

Thomas Banks – Indefensible

In a nutshell, Thomas Banks is a 30-year business professional with specific experience in marketing, sales, software design in disciplines ranging from healthcare to mobile gaming. Banks at his core a serial technology entrepreneur demonstrating vision, command, and... read more

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