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Art in Neuroscience contest 2017

UQ Home · Contacts · Study · Maps · News · Events · Library · Give now · my.UQ · The University of Queensland · Queensland Brain Institute Queensland Brain Institute. Site search. Se…

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Yum! Brands’ (YUM) Rides on Strategic Efforts, Risks Stay

Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM – Free Report) remains on track to achieve its target announced under the three-year strategic transformation plan, following the separation of the company’s China division. Notably, the company’s transformation and growth strategy involves greater focus on the development of …

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1-Stop Connections Blog: Port Machine Learning, AI and IoT

Machine learning (ML) is the engine room of Artificial Intelligence – it’s where the data gathering and analysis happens that leads to the non-human decision-making we call AI. It recognises patterns in the logistics chain that humans would not. An AI platform can predict that a container leaving a port six …

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Artificial intelligence in the real world

Cloud-specialist, increasingly AI-specialist, Amagi was meanwhile demonstrating machine learning in two different contexts at IBC. “The first use case we have for machine learning is logical segmentation, which is done by training the ML systems with existing video segments to determine best spots to …

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Human Brains Have Evolved Unique Pleasure Systems

… our hairier cousins. Dopamine levels are thought to be linked to everything from memory and emotion to disorders like schizophrenia. One hypothesis researchers plan to test is that this control mechanism allows us to work toward far-from-instant gratification — like doctoral degrees in neuroscience.

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An AI Thanksgiving Proclamation

The Way of the Future—perhaps borrowing from Christianity’s early identification as “The Way”—describes its purpose as proselytizing “the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence.” In other words, Levandowski intends that we view artificial intelligence—very sophisticated computers …

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Sertis Machine Learning Engineer

Sertis is a leading Artificial Intelligence innovation company that is three years old and growing fast. We are currently expanding to Singapore and have recently partnered with Google Cloud and NVIDIA. We focus on the many areas of Machine Learning &a…

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Automotive semiconductors – the next wave of market growth

The relationship illustrates the importance of supplier collaboration in this area. NVIDIA is also working with ZF. ZF’s so-called ProAI is the German supplier’s first system developed using NVIDIA AI technology designed to enable vehicles to better understand their environment by using deep learning to …

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The vital role of humans in machine learning

Salespeople and customer support teams deal with customers and clients, which means they are ideally positioned to identify specific consumer needs. This information is key to developing viable products, services, or solutions. This is especially true …

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Open economy

Ian Pitt, CIO at remote-access specialist LogMeIn, explains: “When it comes to technology, it’s clear that machine learning is playing a greater role in threat detection and mitigation. Furthermore, tools are becoming better at dealing with the endless flow of information and filtering out false positives, which …

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Deep learning & CNN

Looking for an expert in deep learning neural network, machine learning and Matlab, who is knowledgeable in caffe and triplet loss (Function) and who also has solid background in image processing, face detection and recognition. – must be capable of bu…

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TPL and NVIDIA’s Deep Learning workshop a roaring success

The event in Hyderabad brought together AI developers, data scientists, researchers, and academia who looked at AI trends, technology, case studies and India’s role and opportunities in what many are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution. This hands-on one day workshop enabled participants to …

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