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Learn Deep Learning the Hard Way

There are so many articles about learning Deep Learning but still I decided to write one more. The reason is I find many of those articles saying the same thing over and over again. The same set of online courses and the same set of books. I think there is a need for... read more

Machine vs Machine: Should AI be human?

‘Machine vs Machine: Should AI be human?’ 18th Oct, 19.00-22.00 The Book Club, 100-106 Leonard Street, EC2A 4RH   If we continue to develop and research ‘Artificial Intelligence’, humans could eventually create machines that think and feel like we do. If... read more

A Vision of the Future of Artificial Intelligence

WHERE DO WE STAND TODAY? Today, anywhere you look, startups are emerging. The numbers are simply mindboggling! Extrapolating from the data that Dr. Paul D. Reynolds, Director of Research Institute, Global Entrepreneurship Center, provided, we find that there are: 472... read more

Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence

BUILDING BLOCKS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INTRODUCTION We are living a new technological revolution, a revolution that will transform our lifestyles drastically, a revolution caused by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, AI is equated with killer... read more

Cogisen System A.I.


An AI Founder’s Story: Beagle Goes Global

An AI Founder’s Story: Beagle Goes Global Artificial Lawyer caught up with Cian O’Sullivan, founder of Beagle, the automated contract analysis system that is just celebrating a year and a half of operations and landing VW as a client. We discussed how Beagle came... read more

CorTeX Assembly Language

This is an attempt to change the way a Neural Network is executed and trained. Instead of accellerating parts of the NN execution, the whole NN problem is converted into a new assembly language that can do evaluation and back propagation of any NN. Multiple passages... read more

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Our Spotlight

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Spotlight – Nikolas Badminton – Futurist

Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Nikolas Badminton is a world-respected futurist speaker that provides keynote speeches about the future of work, the sharing economy, and how the world is evolving. Nikolas is based in Vancouver, BC, and speaks across Canada, UK, Asia, and... read more

Spotlight – Celaton –

                       Celaton’s intelligent automation software, inSTREAM™, enables organisations to deliver better customer service, faster. Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn through the natural consequence of processing, watching what people do and... read more

Spotlight – EmoSPARK –

EmoSPARK – the beating heart of AI in the 21st Century! EmoSPARK is unique in many ways, in the way it processes and functions, drawing on your hopes, feelings and experiences, growing and developing with your family requirements, unlike any other multimedia... read more

Spotlight – Calum Chace – Surviving AI

Calum Chace author of Surviving AI Calum Chace is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, primarily on the subject of artificial intelligence.  In March 2015 he published “Pandora’s Brain”, a techno-thriller about the creation of superintelligence.  He is a regular... read more

Spotlight – RAVN Systems –

RAVN Systems – About RAVN: RAVN Systems are experts in next generation Enterprise Search, Graph Search and Cognitive Computing technology. Discover how RAVN’s technology can: • Improve the margin on each matter through the adoption of artificial... read more

Stories from the Informed.AI network of websites

All the latest stories from the Informed.AI Network of websites which includes, Awards.AI, Events.AI, Showcase.AI and others.

Study.AI – A collection of resources for students of AI

STUDY.AI We are please to launch a dedicated resources page for students of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will be adding more to this area over the coming weeks, but wanted to share what we have already put together. Essentially we have re-organised... read more

Super Sunday Updates

Another Super Sunday for updates on our site. Additional listings on the Company page The new FinTech category added to the directory Added a page for the Neurons Professional Network signup Fixed a problem with the Videos page so now all our playlist groups are shown... read more

Timetable for the 2nd Annual AI Awards

We are pleased to announce the time table for the key events as part of the 2nd Annual AI Awards. The Awards Timetable is: 1st July – Awards Categories Listed 1st September – Open for Nomination Voting 15th January – Voting Closes 1st February – Award Winners... read more

Our First Year Anniversary of

We are pleased to announce the official first year anniversary of Since inception, it has been an amazing experience building up the website to what it is today. Initially the focus was to build a directory of information resources about... read more

How should we celebrate?

We are approaching our first anniversary and we would like to reach out to our community for suggestions on how we can celebrate? One idea we have is to give away a free ticket to an event via one of our media partners Re-Work. But how do we select the winner? Any... read more

Directory Updates – Super Saturday

Added a lot of updates to the directory across a number of categories today. We like to keep adding more, so tell us any links you would like to see added via our Add a Link page. We are also looking for features on our News and Magazine area so feel free to Submit a... read more

Spotlight your AI company

We are looking for established companies or startups that would like to feature in our spotlight. We are also happy to feature individuals if they are involved in the field; we have previously featured an author. Since we started the spotlight we have had a lot of... read more

Some small Menu changes

A very quick update to let you all know we have slightly changed the top menu structure of Nothing major, just a couple of very small changes. We have added Events and Careers menus which redirect to Awards.AI and Vocation.AI websites. These are two of... read more

Vocation.AI – Careers and Jobs Portal is now live

We are very pleased to announce that another mini-site spin-off of has now gone live. Vocation.AI is our careers and job portal for those interested in find opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Currently the site has... read more

Our First Super Sunday for 2016

Welcome everyone to our first Super Sunday for 2016, yes I know its the last day of January already, but its been a very busy time for us. Over the past few weeks we were very busy with our AI Awards announcements, but now we are back and fully focused on read more

Spotlight for 2016

We are looking for established companies or startups that would like to feature in our spotlight this year. We are also happy to feature individuals if they are involved in the field; we have previously featured an author. Since we started the spotlight we have had a... read more

AI Awards 2015 – Winners Announced

Awards.AI today announces the winners of the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence for 2015. Full details of the categories and winners can be seen on the Awards.AI website. We only launched the AI Awards a few months ago, and have had a... read more

Student (Brand) Ambassadors for

To help promote to the various student groups across the different Universities and departments that teach and research Artificial Intelligence, we are looking for Student Volunteers to become Brand Ambassadors for This will simply be about... read more

AI Conference (hosted by BCS SGAI) – Open Mic Session

During the three day AI Conference hosted by the British Computer Society Special Group for AI (BCS SGAI) at Cambridge University, an open mic session allowed an opportunity for the founder of to promote the website with delegates of the conference. This... read more

More updates on our directory with #SuperSunday 5

Its been a while since we did our last Super Sunday on our directory, but today we added a number of links to several categories, including Data Science and Software Tools. While our resource directory for AI and ML was our first offering to our users, we still are... read more

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