PDN Research Symposium

An annual Postdoc symposium was started in 2011 and since 2015, is joint with the graduate Symposium. The PDN Research Symposium is open to everyone in the Department and this year took place on 14-15 of April 2016.  You can view the Symposium programme 2016.  If you wish to be involved in the organisation of the next PDN Research Symposium (March-April 2017, date TBA), please contact the PDN postdoc representatives. Organising Committee 2016: Chair: Helena KhaliullinaCo-chair: Max JakobsAileen BriggsMegan EldrenAna Lopez-RamirezKatarina MenelaouElaine MurdieNicholas PerentosHugo PoplimontMaria SchackerMegan SutherlandMichelle WareIsabell Weber

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