Neural Network and Machine learning

Hello. I have this code. net = feedforwardnet(20); net.layers{1}.transferFcn = ‘tansig’; net.layers{2}.transferFcn = ‘purelin’; net.divideParam.trainRatio=.7; net.divideParam.valRatio=.15; net.divideParam.testRatio=.15; net.trainParam.max_fail = 500; net.trainParam.epochs = 500; net.trainParam.goal = .001; i=0; fecha = datetime(‘now’); disp(fecha); Input = xlsread(‘Datos’,4); Target = xlsread(‘Datos’,5); Sample = xlsread(‘Datos’,6); for n = drange(1:4) i=i+1; disp(i); net=train(net,Input,Target); [net,tr] = train(net,Input,Target); end; Y = net(Sample); Output = net(Target); y = net(Input); plotconfusion(Target,Output); Sample1 = sort(Sample,’descend’); plot(Sample1,’DisplayName’,’Modelo’);hold on;plot(Sample,’DisplayName’,’Real’);figure() [r,m,b] = regression(Output,y); plotregression(Target,Output); perf = perform(net,y,Target); plotperform(tr); archivo = fopen(‘C:UsersPabloDesktopNeuronaSalida.txt’,’a’); fprintf(archivo,datestr(now, ‘dd-mmm-yyyyrn’)); fprintf(archivo,’%3.0frn’,Y); fclose(archivo); fprintf(‘%3.0fn’,round(Y)); fecha = datetime(‘now’); disp(fecha); After traing and use the sim() I get a result, but How can a I make change a target using the same trained neuron ?? or a machine learning. Please some example to see … Thank.

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