Looking For Data Science Courses

I was looking at a list of courses that I found somewhere else on Reddit:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BD8BJJUNaX63m2QmySWMGDp71nx4W4MyyiIBlfMoN3Q/htmlview?sle=true# I found most of the content to be videos. I do not want to be watching hour long videos, and am wondering if there are courses that are more project-based. I’m an intermediate programmer, and understand all the basics of programming. I’m at that stage where I can go into a bunch of different paths (Game dev, data scientist, etc.) as I am not well-versed in one particular thing. Are there any courses for data science? Perhaps something in Java/C#? Python is not to my tastes, but I can deal with it.   FYI, I currently only know algebra 1.

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