Helpful Numbers

BioMed Animal Care Facility3-3223 Mailroom3-1624 Main office3-3971 Stockroom3-2745 Bookstore General3-3168 Textbooks3-2270 Computer Store3-7289 Libraries Sci Li3-3331 Rock3-2167 Other Numbers Keys & Card Access3-2483 Brown ID Card office3-2273 Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences3-2616 Psychology3-2727 Metcalf Copy Center3-3653 Facilities3-7800 Rhode Island Hospital444-4000 Clinical Neuroscience444-8701 Saunders Inn at Brown863-7500 Airport Taxi and Limousine737-2868 Taxi Service Checker Cab944-2000 Corporate Taxi231-2228 Room Reservations Class Times3-1702 Evenings & Weekends3-2108 

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