Great Moments in Robot-Penis History

Earlier this week, a 43-year-old man who lost his penis in a pretty gruesome childhood accident made headlines for receiving the first bionic penis — an eight-inch inflatable penis that works with the touch of a button. Flip the on switch, it fills with fluid and becomes erect; turn it off, and it drains and returns to normal. It took three years to make the prosthesis and an 11-hour surgery to install it — but now this man will, theoretically, go on to have sex with his robot penis.  This momentous occasion in robot-penis technology demonstrates that robot penises are not just the fevered sex dream of a futurist or even the lucrative tie-in merchandise for some erotica I plan on writing — robot penises are our future, yes, but they are also our past and present. Here, a brief highlight reel of great robot-penis moments in medical, cultural, and technological history.1968: A patent for a phallus-shaped vibrator was created and there was no turning back. Now, you may be wondering, what differentiates a sex toy from a robot penis? I propose this distinction: A vibrator must be designed to visually evoke a dick in order to qualify as a potential robot penis or robot-penis predecessor. In my opinion, this vibrator represents the earliest prototype of a robot penis — a mechanized, single-purpose disembodied penis. The technology was simple, but with advances in artificial intelligence, just imagine the innovations in penile robotics that await us.1975: A tech innovator named Ted Nelson introduced the concept of teledildonics: the idea of engaging in tactile sexual experiences remotely, using computers — the cornerstone of robot-penis technology.

Source: Great Moments in Robot-Penis History

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