Google’s DeepMind Using AI to Help UK Doctors

Streams presents real-time info to help detect cases of acute kidney injury, while Hark keeps docs organized. Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence program is swapping video game controllers for a stethoscope. The company this week announced the launch of DeepMind Health, a new clinician-led technology that aims to “make a real difference in people’s lives across the world.” Starting in the U.K., home to London-based DeepMind, Google will work with the National Health Service (NHS) to provide doctors and nurses with high-tech solutions to patient problems. Past technology implementations, the company said, were typically NHS-wide deployments that don’t always align with clinical needs. DeepMind, however, intends to work with local physicians to co-develop new programs. Google this week introduced two of those programs: smartphone apps Streams and Hark. Pilotedā€¦

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