First IBRO VLTP Course in Neuroscience in Palestine

Congratulations to the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative (PNI) at Al-Quds University for hosting the first IBRO Course in Neuroscience in Palestine (July 27-August 4, 2015)!

As part of the IBRO Visiting Lecture Team Program (VLTP), the Palestine course offered experiment-based lecture courses in an economically developing country that covered a variety of topics of current interest in basic neuroscience. In general, VLTP courses can include topics such as the following: mechanisms of impulse conduction and synaptic transmission; structure, function and pharmacology of membrane receptors and channels; information processing in sensory systems; regulation of behavioural patterns; and neurodevelopment.

To read a detailed report of the Palestine course in English or Arabic, please follow the links below:

Report in English:
Report in Arabic:

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Source: First IBRO VLTP Course in Neuroscience in Palestine

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