Data Science Tweets

Quantum Tunnel TweetsThe data set contains tweets sourced from @quantum_tunnel and @dt_science as a demo for classifying text using Naive Bayes. The demo is detailed in the book Data Science and Analytics with Python by Dr J Rogel-Salazar. Data contents:Train_QuantumTunnel_Tweets.csv: Labelled tweets for text related to “Data Science” with three features:DataScience: [0/1] indicating whether the text is about “Data Science” or not. Date: Date when the tweet was publishedTweet: Text of the tweetTest_QuantumTunnel_Tweets.csv: Testing data with twitter utterances withouth labels:id: A unique identifier for tweetsDate: Date when the tweet was publishedTweet: Text for the tweetFor further information, please get in touch with Dr J Rogel-Salazar.

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