Data Science Course Mentor

DESCRIPTIONWe run online, self-paced python and R-based Data Science workshops where participants learn with the help of a curated curriculum and 1-1 guidance from an expert mentor.Our mentor community – the biggest strength of our programs – has experts from the best organizations in the world. If you are as passionate about mentoring as you are about Data Science, and can give a few hours per week in return for an honorarium, we would love to hear from you.Our mentors range from data scientists and researchers at premier companies (Uber, LinkedIn, Apple) to a wide variety of top-notch startups and consulting firms.Please find more details about the program below.– Completely online and self-paced. Coursework is ~100 hours and on average, students finish it in 3 months.– Participants in this courseā€¦

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