Cylance, Blue Coat bring anti-malware to network security

Cylance, a cyber security company, and Blue Coat Systems, a provider of enterprise security architecture, entered into a partnership to bring anti-malware technology to network security.

Blue Coat Systems’ Content Analysis System (CAS) version 1.3 will include Cylance’s artificial intelligence engine for combating malware and advanced threats, allowing customers with a valid File Inspection subscription to perform advanced detection as files move through networks. When the CAS identifies a new sample, Cylance’s artificial intelligence engine uses algorithms developed though machine learning to identify and block malware.

Blue Coat’s CAS uses a layered approach to protect against known and unknown threats when combined with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances. Starting with CAS version 1.3, CAS will use Cylance’ artificial-intelligence engine to assist in determining which samples are malicious.

Source: Cylance, Blue Coat bring anti-malware to network security

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