Can Neuroscience tell you anything about Beauty?

‘Beauty’ has not just fascinated the common people but also philosophers and great thinkers since antiquity. It has also been one of the most debated words, owing to its varied connotations and subjective nature. Although it was never a standalone discourse in itself, it was studied under the broad umbrella of aesthetics in arts and humanities. Scientists were always skeptic to talk about this term. But nevertheless, many philosophers from pre-historic and post-modern age attempted to explain this seemingly simple yet complex term. Of them, a few notable people who paved the path of bringing ‘beauty’ into the scientific discussion were Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Hume, Burke, Kant and Hegel.Born out of paintings, sculptures and poetry, ‘beauty’ soon entered the laboratory where scientists were trying to quantify this subjective aesthetic appreciationā€¦

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