Behavior Tree and Blackboard Questions

Hello, I implemented behavior tree and I have few questions: 1. How do I link between the behavior tree and the blackboard? Should I add CBlackboard class instance inside CBehaviourTree class? Should I have one single blackboard for each behavior tree? 2. Should I use “new” to create behavior tree nodes? For example: actor->addAction(new sequence(new RotateX(10.0f), new RotateZ(10.0f))); 3. If I have a character, should I use two behavior trees? One for the character AI and one for actor->addAction() function? 4. Inside node::run() what is the correct way to access the actor and the blackboard? 5. Should I have variables in the blackboard that can be based on a node? (I mean if the node die then the variable die too)

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