Alphabet Announces AlphaGo As A Major AI Breakthrough

Alphabet’s Go program AlphaGo defeated a top rated human champion. The deep learning AI technologies showcased in Alphabet’s AlphaGo have important applications and could displace skilled human workers. Products and services powered by AlphaGo technology could begin to appear in one to two years. Alphabet Inc-A (NASDAQ:GOOGL) claimed a major Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthrough, The Wall Street Journal reports. Alphabet unveiled a software program that taught itself to beat a top human player of the board game Go, considered a milestone AI challenge. AI programs for chess have beaten top human players since 1997, but Go, a Japanese board game in which players place stones on a square 19-by-19-line grid, is a bigger challenge because there are far more possible moves. The rules are simple – players take turns to…

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