10 hugely important IT trends for 2016

Introduction and device mesh Forget drones, FinTech and (especially) apps that claim to be ‘digitally disruptive’. The big tech trends that will have a significant impact on the IT and business world in 2016 and beyond range from machine learning and neuromorphic computing architectures to a growth in sensory and contextual information and more ambient user experiences. Could 2016 be the tipping point when the physical and virtual worlds finally merge?Information of EverythingIt’s chaos out there. Smart devices of all kinds are producing and sending text, audio, video, sensory and contextual information.”The Information of Everything addresses this influx with strategies and technologies to link data from all these different data sources,” say analysts at IT research company Gartner. “Information has always existed everywhere, but has often been isolated, incomplete, unavailable‚Ķ

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